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How do we know… the Earth’s climate is changing?

Archaeology – Knole House

How much history can one house capture? Most stately homes observe a slice of history, but Knole House and its parkland – one of the five largest houses in England and once a palace for King Henry VIII – has being quietly observing history since Stone Age times. Now a five year restoration and research project has enabled archeologists to access hidden parts of the house and grounds, awakening some of Knole’s secrets. 

Archaeology - The Sherwood of Robin Hood

The legend of Robin Hood, the heroic outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, have persisted since Medieval times. Now the long-forgotten remains of a sumptuous medieval palace in Sherwood Forest are adding substance to the legend and providing a tantalising glimpse of how the Robin Hood myth may have become so popular. What’s more, the ruins are providing a unique insight into the behaviour of Medieval royalty; how they entertained themselves, how opulent their palaces were, and how they impressed and influenced their wealthy guests.