Sample Programmes

Sample one day course with a media focus

9.15am Registration coffee/tea
9.30am Introduction to course
9.40am Bang the Gong (an ‘icebreaker’ exercise to get participants thinking about getting rid of jargon)
10.10am Simplifying science (presentation followed by an exercise for participants to simplify descriptions of their own work)
10.30am Coffee/Tea
10.45am Condensing and adding hooks (presentation followed by exercise)
11.30am Analogies (exercise to come up with analogies for specific scientific concepts)
12.15am Responsibilities of communicating science (presentation followed by discussion)
12.45am Lunch
1.45pm Mock Radio interviews (individual interviews for each participant and feedback)
2.45pm Coffee/Tea
3.00pm An academic point of view (talk from an academic experienced with dealing with the media)
3.30pm The media machine (presentation on how the media works)
3.45pm Hacking It (an exercise to give participants a feel for what journalists do)
4.45pm Summary
5pm Close

Sample half day course with a science writing focus

9.15am Introduction to course
9.20am Getting started (ideas on how to overcome writer’s block)
9.45am Structuring your writing (presentation followed by an exercise)
10.45am Coffee/Tea
11.00am The science of readability (presentation and discussion on the ways of measuring how easy writing is to read)
12.00am Storytelling (A professional storyteller tells two stories. We discuss what makes a good story and then participants work in groups to make their own story)
1pm Summary and close